8 Months!



 This month was filled with lots of firsts and big changes for our little man.

He figured out how to move forward…


finallygoingforward from Shaundra on Vimeo.

and to crawl…

hecancrawl! from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He also started eating foods that need a little chewing…

hecanchew! from Shaundra on Vimeo.

helpfulbigsis from Shaundra on Vimeo.


While we were visiting some friends Paxton loved to watch their dog outside the sliding glass door…but every time the dog would come close to the door Pax would start crying.  I guess my dislike of pets has been passed down to my children!


Paxton’s reaction to the doorstoppers was much different from Lillya’s. They used to totally freak her out and she would start crying…but Paxton loves to play with them!

MrNoisemaker from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Paxton also learned how to wave this month!

littlewaver from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He is sure is precious when he’s sleeping…


but I love when he’s laughing even more.

babylaughter from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Here is a picture we took of him at our picnic before we walked around the farm.


Paxton celebrated Easter for the first time.



He learned how to shake his head to say “no.”

alreadysaysno from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He learned to pull himself up to his knees…


standingonknees2 from Shaundra on Vimeo.

And less than a week later he was pulling up to a standing position!


We love our little guy…why does he have to grow up so fast!


April 2014

April marked the beginning of some big changes for us. We finished packing up the “big box” and watched them take it away a few days before we planned to move out ourselves. That meant saying goodbye to 2/3 of our stuff. The next 6 months we’ll be living in a 2 bedroom apartment and the fewer things we have to move twice this year…the better. IMG_2194

On Thursday, April 3rd we signed the final paperwork to sell our home. It was a bittersweet day, it was the first home we owned and I had thought we would be there for a long time. But there was excitement for the opportunity to build our dream home. Signing those papers made us absolutely debt free (for a few months at least until our house is done). We had been working hard since we got married to pay off cars and student loans and in the month before we sold our house we made the last payment on a student loan. It is so nice to know that we don’t owe anybody anything…and it helped make it possible to build our dream home! It almost didn’t seem real when they showed us the amount of money that was going to be wired to our account from the sale of our home. Real estate is a funny thing, I just don’t understand how the value of our home could have changed so much in just two years but I’m sure grateful. Here’s a picture of our little family taken just after closing.


Then we picked up a Uhaul and headed home to load up the remainder of our belongings and move into an apartment just down the road a ways.

Paxton helped take apart his crib.



And I guess those are the only pictures I took from moving day. We had several of our friends and neighbors help out and even though we didn’t start until late afternoon, we had everything moved and the house cleaned by that night.

Here’s our little family leaving our first home for the last time.


After the initial move was over…there were days of unpacking and trying to find places for all of our stuff in our apartment. We didn’t really care about making it look nice, we just wanted it to be functional. In fact, we didn’t even bring our bed because we didn’t want to have to put it together and take it apart for all of the moves. So we just threw our mattress on the floor and called it good. The kids had a blast playing in the packing paper though. For the first few weeks Lillya kept saying she wanted to go back to her old house, and talked about how much she missed her old house. We just had to keep explaining to her that it’s not our house anymore and that somebody else lives there now. IMG_2244 IMG_2246

Casey’s Aunt and Uncle invited us over for the Priesthood session of General Conference. Casey went with the men to watch the session and then they went out to dinner. The ladies and kids stayed at their house to eat and have an easter egg hunt. Here we are all ready to go out in the backyard for the big hunt.

  photo 3

Lillya had a great time finding all of the yellow eggs…she certainly wasn’t the fastest finder but since we only let each kid find one color of eggs she wasn’t at a disadvantage. 🙂 The baby boys even got their own buckets and eggs to find. We live in Utah…so it was pretty cold…but we still had fun.

photo 4 photo 1

Here we are after we were all done finding our eggs.

photo 4

Here is another picture with our egg-cellent egg hiders!


As if the egg hunt wasn’t enough, they had even more surprises in store for the kids after we all got back inside. Each person had a numbered egg and that egg corresponded to a wrapped present. The girls got coloring books with crayons and the boys got some awesome socks and a rattle. It was such a fun evening and the kids got spoiled. We are so grateful that we live near the awesome Coombs family that invites us to join in on their fun. It sure makes being so far from our own parents a little easier.

DSC_0151 DSC_0156

IMG_2248 IMG_2250

IMG_2251 IMG_2256

Such silly kids…

IMG_2262 IMG_5372

With little ones in the house…it is impossible to predict what will happen next. One evening I was talking to my mom on the phone and Lillya came out wearing a bunch of pairs of her panties at the same time.  I have no idea why she decided that was a good idea…but I got a good laugh out of it!

Springtime is the perfect time to visit a farm…right? So we did, we went along with some friends to the Wheeler farm. We had a lot of fun feeding the ducks…until a giant goose flew right at Lillya! The poor girl was a little traumatized but she still enjoyed the day there.

IMG_2280 IMG_2283

hungryducks from Shaundra on Vimeo.

My little girl has a best friend just like I did!  She absolutely loves “Lizbeth” and they are pretty adorable together.

IMG_2287 IMG_2289

We took a fun little wagon ride that was pulled by a tractor. I love this picture…Pax has figured out his role as a pesky little brother pretty early in life. Lillya loves him anyways…most of the time at least!


There was this sad mishap that came from that day. While leaving our apartment to head to the farm I was focusing on the people walking around behind my car and wasn’t paying enough attention to the pole of the carport on my driver’s side as I turned out of the parking space. That sturdy brush guard actually did more harm than good because the pole went between the guard and the fender. So I ended up a little wedged between the two and we had to go forward before we could back out again. Fortunately, we had a strong neighbor who bent it back into place enough so we could put a new light in…which Casey did all by himself…and it works! This is why I shouldn’t drive nice, new cars…so it’s a good thing I don’t!


Who needs toys when you have plastic grocery sacks…lots and lots of them!

  IMG_2351 IMG_2349

We got together with some of our friends from college and had a blast as always!


Lillya especially enjoyed dancing around with Jack.

dancingwithJack from Shaundra on Vimeo.

In honor of springtime we made some oatmeal honey bunnys.


And went back to the farm…this time we brought daddy along!


We got to pet the goats and they had such fun personalities


Daddy helped Lillya get really close to a cow and horse.


One benefit of living in an apartment complex is that there was an egg hunt just outside our door.


Lillya had decided that she was only going to pick up blue eggs…so in her efforts to find only blue ones she missed out on the opportunity to really fill her bucket up. But she enjoyed it so that’s all that matters.

egghunt2014 from Shaundra on Vimeo.

We died eggs for the first time since Lillya was born. It was our first time using kool-aid and it sure smelled wonderful!

dyingeggs from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Easter morning came and the Easter bunny sure found us. There were plenty of treats and toys to go around.

Easter2014 from Shaundra on Vimeo.

IMG_5399 IMG_5401

IMG_5404 IMG_5405

IMG_5409 IMG_5415


Here are the kiddos in their Easter Sunday best!

IMG_5424 IMG_0355


To end the month…we finally had a sold sign put up on our lot. It’s starting to feel a little more real!


7 Months!


Our happy little boy is already 7 months old!

He got in a fight with a pen one day and I think the pen won.


One thing Paxton learned this month is that applesauce is sour…

applesauceface from Shaundra on Vimeo.

but pickles are not…

picklesarenotsour from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He also learned that sisters can be really funny!

funnysister from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He decided to try dancing for the first time…and loved it!

Paxtoncandance from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He started to lift himself up onto his knees…but it took us a few tries before we caught it on video (I’m sorry for Casey’s loud burp in the second video).

littleswimmer from Shaundra on Vimeo.

heisnotcooperating from Shaundra on Vimeo.

uponhisknees from Shaundra on Vimeo.

We gave Paxton a piece of apple to chew on one day and he loved it!

IMG_2144 IMG_2147

Just a cute pic of our little guy.


But don’t get too close or he’ll bite! Fortunately, it won’t hurt because he doesn’t have any teeth yet.


He started to realize that being buckled in a carseat means you’re trapped. It is really funny to watch him try to get out.

letmeout! from Shaundra on Vimeo.

One Sunday after church we took a walk over to the park. Paxton got to go down a slide for the first time.

funatthepark from Shaundra on Vimeo.

IMG_0273 IMG_0279

Paxton was playing with one of Lillya’s toy cups and he sure seemed to know just how to use it!

(pretend)sippingfromacup from Shaundra on Vimeo.

March 2014

The beginning of this month was a continuation of the multiple showings a day that had started at the end of February. We were grateful to have so much interest in our home even though leaving for showings was annoying. This time it took 15 showings and 8 days but we got multiple offers and we were able to choose one that was far better than the original offer. As it turns out, waiting that extra month wasn’t so bad after all.

During the showings we found ourselves doing a little shopping at Target…because we like wandering around there.

IMG_2044 IMG_2043

Pizza was an easy dinner that we ate often because it didn’t take any time and it didn’t make the kitchen messy. 🙂


I heart Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood…and not just because Lillya loves it and it keeps her entertained. They have these catchy little tunes about important life stuff and they get Lillya to do things on her own. While watching an episode about going potty with a catchy little tune… “If you have to go potty stop, and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way!” Lillya decided she was going to go potty all by herself and she did! She got her pants back on (inside out…but who cares?) all on her own too.


We often get together with my presidency and their families to do fun things together. It is great because we have become such good friends! One evening we went out to dinner and then bowling. Casey won…and I lost of course! Lillya did pretty good herself too.


IMG_2066 IMG_2072 IMG_2073

Lillyagotaspare from Shaundra on Vimeo.

IMG_0267 IMG_0268

Every morning Lillya wants to hold Paxton as soon as she gets up.


Organizing and stacking things is a favorite past time of this little girl!


Here is a video of us hanging out one Sunday morning.

lazySunday from Shaundra on Vimeo.

We took a St. Patrick’s Day selfie and decorated cupcakes with green frosting for our family home evening treat.



Paxton is finally old enough to get to drive the car at the grocery store with Lillya!


Lillya has started to take an interest in learning lately. She can sing her abcs and she loves to trace letters.

singingabcs from Shaundra on Vimeo.

lovestotraceletters from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Lillya really wanted to play with her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one day and somehow I accidentally put Mickey and Minnie in a box that got packed up in the storage pod a.k.a the “big box” as Lillya refers to it. After I explained that I couldn’t get Mickey and Minnie for her she asked if she could eat some animal crackers. I got the jar down and before I knew it she wasn’t really eating them she was playing with them because they were shaped like the Disney characters. She’s so good at improvising. 🙂

IMG_2192 IMG_2193

Warmer weather brought us outside on several days. Lillya got a chance to practice riding her bike some more…but apparently…learning to pedal was too much work at first.

bikesareforwalking from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Paxton got to take his very first wagon ride and he loved it!

firstwagonride from Shaundra on Vimeo.

IMG_2134 IMG_2135

As a gift for going under contract our realtor sent us a gift card to Baskin Robbins…so we headed there one evening to enjoy some free ice cream.


These two love to play around together. It is so fun to watch them get closer each day.


Lillya finally started to figure our how to use her pedals.


reverse! from Shaundra on Vimeo.

pushingpedals from Shaundra on Vimeo.

taking selfies with daddy is so much fun


6 Months!

IMG_5304 IMG_5305

Paxton is trying more and more to grab things. Here is a video of him trying to grab a ball. He sure makes it look like it’s hard work!

figuringouthands from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Paxton’s hair was starting to get really long on top. His newborn hair had pretty much fallen out on the sides but the top just kept on a growin’ so it was time for his first haircut.

firsthaircut! from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He is growing up too fast! That haircut sure makes him look handsome though!


We were able to go to a baby blessing for Casey’s cousin, Joe’s baby who is just a few months younger than Paxton. Look at my two favorite guys all matching and stuff. Daddy dressed Paxton…hence the football socks for church.


These 3 boys are 2nd cousins and just a few months apart. It’s fun to see them all together when we get together with Casey’s cousins.


Paxton got to eat rice cereal for the first time this month. Here is his reaction.

firstbiteofcereal from Shaundra on Vimeo.

and then take two…

firstbitetake2 from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Apparently there’s a learning curve to eating that stuff. There was more on his face and bib than actually went in his mouth.


Paxton’s laugh in this next video is so adorable but the reason for me taking the video is worth a giggle itself. There were a few weeks where Casey was absolutely convinced that Paxton would poop every time he held him in his lap. It made me laugh because Casey would come home from work and hold Paxton while we ate dinner…but that little boy would poop just about every time! Apparently Pax thought it was funny…probably because it got a rise out of Daddy. It’s about time someone else does the teasing in this family!

onlypoopsondaddy from Shaundra on Vimeo.

We were just playing a little peek a boo before bed time while we waited for Daddy to finish getting Lillya ready for bed. I love this little boy.

peekaboo from Shaundra on Vimeo.

It wasn’t long before Paxton was loving his rice cereal…and his apparently tasty upper lip too!

Pax eating from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Learning to get around is quite the tricky business. At this stage Paxton is always finding himself backed into a corner because he only goes backwards no matter how hard he tries to go forward. Sometimes he just gets stuck under furniture, like this changing table. Mommy has to come to the rescue a lot.

IMG_2021 IMG_2022

One day Paxton was fussy while I was trying to get my hair done. So I was kind enough to bring him into the bathroom with me so he could see me and be happy. Well, that little troublemaker repaid me for my kindness by doing this!

IMG_2024 IMG_5328 IMG_5329

troublemaker from Shaundra on Vimeo.

But I heart him anyways.

February 2014

This month was filled with packing and cleaning to get ready for the big move. We had a storage pod delivered in front of our house so we could fill it up little by little as we got boxes packed.

Lillya loved climbing on the “tower” of boxes


It is hard to pack with two small children around so we were pretty much limited to packing at nap time and the evenings after they went to bed.

IMG_5310 IMG_5309

We got some fun Valentine’s Day packages in the mail from wonderful grandparents on both sides of the family.

The first one came from Grandma and Grandpa Coombs


Valentine’s Day1 from Shaundra on Vimeo.

The second one came from Granny and Papa Carter


Valentine’s Day2 from Shaundra on Vimeo.

We were so spoiled and loved all the sweet treats!

Little Miss Sassy Pants wanted her picture taken…but when I went to take it…this is all I got. Silly girl.


I sure love taking naps with this little guy and some days I don’t even care that it spoils him. Daddy probably took this picture to prove that I’m the one who really spoils our kids…I’m not gonna lie…it’s totally true.


One day while I was trying to get coupons together to go to the grocery store…I caught Lillya singing her own kind of song while making a pile of paper. Lillya loves to make piles of ev.ery.thing.

singingherownsong from Shaundra on Vimeo.

I’m sad that these pictures of these two are a little blurry. I love how happy they look together. It’s fun having siblings in our home.

IMG_1988 IMG_1989

The Saturday before we were set to close we spent the day loading most of what was left to go in the pod. We only planned on taking a small amount of our things to the apartment for the summer while we wait for our home to built. Because we definitely didn’t want to move everything twice nor would there be room for it all at our apartment. It can be pretty cold in February around here but the kids didn’t seem to mind the cold as much as I did. I think they were just excited to be outside…winter is too long!

IMG_1993 IMG_1994

Things went pretty smoothly with the inspection and appraisal but on February 25th, just a few days before we were set to close, we got a phone call from our real estate agent. The buyer’s financing fell through because she had a short sale on her record that was too recent to be eligible for a loan. Even though it was pretty frustrating having the sell fall through, we still felt calm and not worried at all. I just knew that everything would work out how it should. There we were…right back at square one…except our house was almost empty this time. We put our house right back on the market but we had to take a day getting it back into showing shape. We had packed everything on the walls up first…so it was all at the very back of the storage pod and there was no way we were going to pull it all out just to get to them. Our realtor told us that we needed to make the house look homey again so I made a trip to Ross to find some artwork. I found a giant canvas for 99 cents! Along with a few other things that weren’t quite so cheap…but we needed to get some stuff back up on our walls. The next evening after our terrible news we were back in full swing with multiple showings a day and all the not so fun stuff that goes along with that. We did make the most of it on days it was warm enough to spend time outside…by going to the park! Lillya loved this slide at the park last summer and she had just as much fun on it this time.

IMG_2027 IMG_2028

On one of our evenings that we had to be out of the house for several hours we were fortunate enough to be invited to Casey’s Uncle Carl and Aunt Lorna’s house for dinner. We always enjoy spending time with them and Casey’s cousins. After dinner we sat around and talked until our home was available for us to come home to again. While the adults chit chatted, the little girls watched a movie together. It was kind of dark in the room so we couldn’t get a good picture but these little cousins were so cute cuddled up together watching a movie.


So that was pretty much our month…and my favorite part was simply that I get to spend everyday with these little ones.


5 Months!



Our little man is growing up too fast! He is the happiest little baby and such a joy to be around.

talkingandticklish from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He’s a terrible sleeper but we love him anyway.


Okay so he does sleep sometimes…

IMG_1750  IMG_1826  IMG_1745

This month he worked hard on learning to roll over.

Almost over from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He is finally able to sort of enjoy the ball popper he got for Christmas. He can’t sit up on his own yet but if he wants to bad enough and if he hangs onto something he can!

IMG_1807 IMG_1809

We watched Jack for a few hours one day so Paxton had a little buddy to play with…or mostly just look at. He doesn’t move around enough to play yet. 😉

IMG_5286 IMG_5288

I was so afraid to have a baby boy. I just imagined a crazy little guy running around the house terrorizing everything. But we have been blessed with the sweetest little boy ever. He will let me cuddle with him all day if I want.


Paxton is thoroughly entertained by Lillya. Of course it’s always hard to catch what I want to on video.

laughingatLillya from Shaundra on Vimeo.

I did manage to catch Paxton having fun with a little rattle ball.

holdingaball from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Paxton discovered his tongue and he sticks it out all the time.

IMG_1925 IMG_1926