8 Months!



 This month was filled with lots of firsts and big changes for our little man.

He figured out how to move forward…


finallygoingforward from Shaundra on Vimeo.

and to crawl…

hecancrawl! from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He also started eating foods that need a little chewing…

hecanchew! from Shaundra on Vimeo.

helpfulbigsis from Shaundra on Vimeo.


While we were visiting some friends Paxton loved to watch their dog outside the sliding glass door…but every time the dog would come close to the door Pax would start crying.  I guess my dislike of pets has been passed down to my children!


Paxton’s reaction to the doorstoppers was much different from Lillya’s. They used to totally freak her out and she would start crying…but Paxton loves to play with them!

MrNoisemaker from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Paxton also learned how to wave this month!

littlewaver from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He is sure is precious when he’s sleeping…


but I love when he’s laughing even more.

babylaughter from Shaundra on Vimeo.

Here is a picture we took of him at our picnic before we walked around the farm.


Paxton celebrated Easter for the first time.



He learned how to shake his head to say “no.”

alreadysaysno from Shaundra on Vimeo.

He learned to pull himself up to his knees…


standingonknees2 from Shaundra on Vimeo.

And less than a week later he was pulling up to a standing position!


We love our little guy…why does he have to grow up so fast!


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